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Studies of Distribution Channels to the French Foodservice Market

Around 4 000 distributors in France

To set up the best strategy in the market supply

 Various different categories of operator are involved in distribution in the FOODSERVICE market (food products, beverages, equipment). In France, there are several thousand such companies (approximately 4 000).

GIRA Foodservice continuously monitors the FOODSERVICE distribution sector in France and provides a standardised distribution chain architecture:

Foodservice distributors France

GIRA Foodservice publishes the following studies:

Overview of food product and beverage distribution in the restaurant and catering sector 

  • distribution chain grid by product group and distributor type
  • market share of distribution operators by product group
  • detailed profiles of 70 distribution groups or groupings

Cash & Carry Outlets

  • cash & carry activity figures (number of outlets, surface area, turnover)
  • market share of cash & carry outlets by product group
  • market share of brands by product group, by region
  • detailed profiles of the leading brands

Our specialized databases by types of wholesalers:

Database of Food and Beverage Wholesalers in France


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