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Our History

A research institute created in 1970

For many FOODSERVICE companies in France and throughout Europe, The GIRA research institute is a key source of information, often the leading source of market analysis data.

Since its creation in 1970 and its specialization in the foodservice market in 1989, GIRA Foodservice has continuously explored the foodservice activity in all its aspects:

  • restaurant and catering management and operator monitoring
  • purchasing practices and needs analysis (food, beverages, equipment)
  • distribution practices and operator activity analysis (wholesalers, cash & carry outlets, logistics service providers)
  • changes in consumer behaviour and expectations of restaurant and catering services.

These are expertise areas that GIRA Foodservice is able to offer to its customers through:

  • analyses that cover the whole European foodservice market
  • the establishment of key account monitors on an annual basis (contract caterers, restaurant chains, transport foodservice operators)
  • the development of consumer panels (food & beverage) for the French market
  • the assistance and consultancy services for operators of the foodservice market

In 2015, IRI the retail and FMCG market intelligence company, has become the major shareholder in GIRA Foodservice. The objective of this alliance is to provide with a complete range of services, analyses and solutions to the various food & beverage industrial companies.

Today, GIRA Foodservice is considered as THE LEADING SUPPLIER OF INFORMATION in the Out-Of-Home market.



GIRA Foodservice

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