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Strategic consulting

Collaboration with major consulting firms

Strategic consulting is designed to provide client companies with customised advice to help them define their company strategy. The research is carried out by experienced consultants using analysis tools tailored to the customer's requirements.

This is not a service provided by GIRA Foodservice. Our key role is to produce economic information about the FOODSERVICE markets. Our customers, which are primarily large service groups and food production companies, use separate consultancy firms to adapt their strategies to the FOODSERVICE markets.

To help our customers to strengthen their positions in these markets, GIRA Foodservice works with major international strategy consulting companies (Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Company) and management and audit consultancy companies, providing them with economic data on the markets concerned. GIRA Foodservice researchers hold meetings with consultants and consultancy firms to help them achieve the tasks set by operators and suppliers in these markets.

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