GIRA Foodservice

Innovative European Foodservice Experts

Database of Key Account Foodservice Buyers in France

300 key account buyers in the restaurant and catering sector in France

An operational tool to optimize your sales to the foodservice market.


  • to identify the major foodservice operators in France, from the leading brands to the emerging new players
  • to have at disposal the main economic data for each brand in order to develop an efficient marketing strategy
  • to have a good understanding of the purchasing organization of each foodservice group
  • to name the purchasing directors for your product categories
  • to define in a most efficient way your commercial policy

A unique and updated database with a complete coverage of the foodservice key accounts operating in France.

300 profiles of foodservice groups:

  • 205 restaurant chain profiles
  • 42 profiles of contract caterers
  • 53 profiles of hotel, transport and leisure foodservice operators

Company details:

  • postal address
  • web site
  • telephone number

Main indicators:

  • evolution of turnover
  • number of foodservice outlets

Management team

Key contacts of the purchasing division:

  • director of food purchases, managers by product categories (grocery, chilled, frozen products and beverages)
  • director of non food purchasesAmount of food purchases split by F&B categories

Organization of the purchases: centralization of the purchases, outsourcing to logistic providers

Main distributors supplying the foodservice outlets




GIRA Foodservice

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