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Historical overview and market anticipation

The analysis of the foodservice markets is complicated since this involves a large amount of foodservice operators, i.e. in France with over 250 000 restaurants.

So as to assess accurately the market evolutions, we cross three complementary approaches:

  • An approach focusing on outlet managers, with four specific target groups:
    • self-managed social foodservice outlets
    • outlets managed by contracts caterers
    • independent commercial restaurants
    • outlets managed by chains and specialist operators
  • An approach focusing on Foodservice distributors, covering three main distributor categories:
    • specialist Foodservice wholesalers
    •  cash & carry operators
    •  industrial-scale producers that deliver their products directly to Foodservice outlets
  • An approach focusing on consumers - essential for qualitative research:
    • focus groups
    • individual interviews with a representative sample of consumers

The complementary nature of these approaches provides a clear vision of market mechanisms, the forces that drive change, potential future scenarios and emerging trends.



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