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Qualitative studies into consumer behaviour in the out-of-home market

Consumers are changing their behaviour

IThe consumer is at the heart of the foodservice market concerns. Its choices in terms of consumption are more and more varied and volatile and constantly outline the multiple foodservice concepts.

A multiplicity of eating behaviours that lead to a variety of marketing approaches to better target the consumers’ needs and the factors influencing their choices:

consumer behaviour restaurant catering

So, GIRA Foodservice proposes qualitative research tailor-made to the specific requests of its clients:

  • highlight of meal occasions (lunch, aperitif etc…)
  • sensitivity to new concepts
  • product innovation test
  • purchasing behaviour study

The objective of such research is to detect new products development, new concepts and new value-added services for the consumer…. These are sources for innovation and product differentiation that condition market success.



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