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Eating out has become part of modern eating patterns and foodservice is a sizeable market all over Europe. The European foodservice market is the second most significant area in the world after North America for foodservice operators. It has the particularity to encompass varied market structures as well as consumers’ behaviours. Such elements are highlighted in our individual country reports to enable our clients to capitalize on each market potential.

Each country report analyses the restaurant and catering business in 14 key market segments: 

Social Foodservice

  • business & industry (corporate)
  • education
  • healthcare
  • homes for the elderly
  • other welfare homes
  • captive markets

Commercial Foodservice

  • table service restaurants
  • self service restaurants
  • QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) & snack bars
  • hotels and other types of lodging
  • transport foodservice
  • concession sites (leisure & event)

GIRA Foodservice covers the following countries :

Austria France Netherlands Sweden
Belgium Germany Norway Switzerland
Czech Republic Hungary Poland United Kingdom
Denmark Ireland Portugal
Finland Italy Spain  

A European synthesis is published by GIRA Foodservice every two years that includes the cumulated activity in 10 key countries in terms of number of meals and foodservice sales. This summary highlights the major trends that shape the European foodservice concepts for tomorrow.




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