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« To understand the evolutions of a moving market to better grasp the development opportunities » is the major aim of this reference study in the foodservice market in France. As a powerful tool for good and detailed insights for each market segment, this exhaustive study analyses all parameters of the market dynamics:

  • universe of the sector: number of outlets, openings and closures
  • capacity and staff numbers
  • restaurant/outlet management practices: self-operated/franchised, independent/chained
  • footfall of the foodservice outlets and volume of meals served
  • turnover by type of services and management
  • operators’ market shares by sector (chains and contract caterers)
  • forecasts and future development

Beyond a detailed and precise evolution of the market, the Foodservice France market study is a source of insights for further market development to identify:

  • the “weak signals” that will outline the market in the future
  • the promising sectors
  • the growth strategy of the foodservice groups

A study to:

  • provide with the latest economic data of the foodservice market
  • decrypt the economic and structural market changes
  • analyze the mutation factors of the consumers
  • analyze the development strategies of the main foodservice groups
  • identify the opportunities & key trends

This study is updated each year with a publication in June.

Le Marché de la Restauration en France - GIRA 2016



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