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EUROCHAIN, the database of Restaurant Chains in Europe

1 100 commercial restaurant chains

The activities of leading restaurant chains are monitored to provide a clearer understanding of the rapid changes that occur in the commercial foodservice market.

Since its inception, GIRA Foodservice has carried out regular surveys among major brands, providing its customers with an unrivalled database of restaurant chains. This database is designed to be a simple and effective analysis tool, containing reliable data and offering broad market coverage.

For many years, EUROCHAIN has assisted its users with their prospecting operations and helped them to gain a clearer idea of the activities of the restaurant chains that interest them.

The following information is provided for each chain:

  • growth in the number of outlets (company operated and franchised)
  • key business indicators (turnover, number of meals)
  • the structure of the management team and any major changes
  • new development strategies

By using a country-based structure, a number of different selection criteria are available:

  • By country (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom) – For example, all commercial restaurant chains in France and Germany
  • By restaurant segment (table service restaurants, fast food outlets, self-service restaurants/cafés) – For example, all fast food chains in France
  • By chain – For example, all McDonald's, Quick and KFC profiles in France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.
  • By concept (Hamburger, Grill, Traditional, Brasserie, Coffee Bar, Sandwiches, Tapas, Fresh products/health food products) or by location (Supermarkets, Motorway services, City centres, etc.) – For example, all hamburger chains in France, Italy and Germany and all self-service restaurants with a high proportion of outlets located in supermarkets in France
  • By turnover and/or business volume range - For example, all chains in France and the United Kingdom with national consolidated turnover above €200 million.

Key Accounts Europe: the database of commercial foodservice chains and contract caterers in Europe




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