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Ad-hoc studies

Bespoke, accurate and reliable studies

Ad-hoc studies result from the request of a customer with a specific requirement (market, operator, product consumption, distribution, etc.) and in line with a precise set of specifications approved by the contracting party.

In order to deal with requests covering a wide variety of topics, GIRA Foodservice follows a simple philosophy: only to carry out studies in its areas of expertise.

In general, carrying out an ad-hoc study is a more complex process and the customer expects accurate, reliable results that can be used to set the company's strategic objectives: an ad-hoc project must therefore be of the very highest quality. The results of such a project will also depend on the professionalism, technical expertise and commitment of the team involved.

With its extensive experience in the restaurant and catering market, GIRA Foodservice offers ad-hoc research services in the following areas of expertise:

  • assessing the growth potential of a sector of the foodservice market
  • analysing distribution practices in the foodservice market
  • assessing the competitive positioning of a market operator (operator or distributor)
  • quantifying the consumption levels of a food product or beverage in the out-of-home market and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of companies and their brands
  • assessing a supplier's market share, brand positioning and growth opportunities
  • analysing consumer expectations of a new restaurant or catering concept, or a new product offer

Although the above list is not exhaustive, GIRA Foodservice is committed to responding to customer requests based on an objective assessment of its expertise, and in accordance with a set of detailed specifications.



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