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In France, food and beverage purchases by Foodservice outlets of all kinds are expected to reach €25.7 billion in 2012, with beverages representing around 30% of total purchases.

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GIRA Foodservice continually monitors purchasing activity in the majority of beverage categories. These categories are based on the specific features of different beverage sectors:

The content of these studies is standardised. It includes:

  • an analysis of consumption in each out-of-home sector, including details of the market share of each brand and group, details of product packaging and details of supplies based on qualitative variables (flavours, consumption practices, etc.)
  • an analysis of industrial TRADE sales, with detailed figures for each distribution chain (direct, beverage wholesalers, restaurant and catering wholesalers, confectionery wholesalers, cash & carry outlets)
  • short- and medium-term consumption forecasts, by restaurant and catering sector and by product group.

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