GIRA Foodservice

Innovative European Foodservice Experts

Database of Social Foodservice Outlets in France

75,000 group restaurants in France

GIRA Foodservice uses this database to monitor the activities of outlets in all segments of social Foodservice. This database is regularly by its specialist survey team.

The first directories were published in 1978 and, over the years, GIRA Foodservice has covered all 35 sectors of the social Foodservice market.

The world of group restaurants

GIRA Foodservice offers the following sequence of information for each sector of social Foodservice:

  • restaurant contact details
  • opening times (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • restaurant status
  • restaurant management practices
  • capacity and staff numbers
  • volume of meals
  • presence of a restaurant or kitchen

The profiles of the individual Foodservice outlets can be sorted based on pre-defined criteria.



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