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Qualitative studies into consumer behaviour in the out-of-home market

Consumers are changing their behaviour

In order to gain a clearer understanding of trends in all areas of Foodservice market, it is important to monitor changes in consumer behaviour, both in terms of consumption practices and product selections.

GIRA Foodservice has recently published reports on the following topics:

Lunch hour practices of the working population

Lunch is primarily consumed by members of the working population, due to their heightened presence on week days and the size of this population.

The study demonstrated that new lunch practices have emerged: multiple consumption locations, variable schedules, major fluctuations in company restaurant use, varied menu compositions, etc. The lunch hour is increasing seen as "me time", when the consumer can relax and get away from it all. There is also an increasing trend towards "healthier" options (lighter dishes or menus, preference for non-alcoholic drinks, etc.).

The conclusions of the study point to new opportunities for restaurant owners and highlight preferences for new types of product.

The "aperitif" in the restaurant and catering sector

This is a truly French tradition, with 90% of French people drinking an aperitif at lunch time or in the evenings at least once per week. However, faced with the growing threat of legislation, the consumption of aperitifs at restaurants and catering outlets is on the decline, particularly in cafés, where sales have been on a constant downward trend for several decades.

Nevertheless, the aperitif remains popular among French people, with almost 2.1 billion consumed each year. Although traditional aperitifs (aniseed liqueurs, wine-based aperitifs, bitters, etc.) are on the decline (fewer blue-collar workers, new habits, etc.), consumers are increasingly attracted to new beverages: examples such as white wine, rosé wine, cocktails and sparkling wines have found favour with new consumers, especially among women.

"Social" aperitifs remain the most frequent, but there has been a growth in the number of "opportunistic" aperitifs in urban areas.

The conclusions of the study indicate that aperitifs in the restaurant and catering sector should resist this decline in the future, with significant changes in the beverages consumed.



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