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Innovative European Foodservice Experts

Foodservice Studies, Europe

Standardised analysis in major European countries

GIRA Foodservice regularly analyses the FOODSERVICE market in Europe to provide clear information about trends across the continent to its international customers. These analyses are based on a standard plan, thereby enabling data to be consolidated across sectors.

The report analyses the restaurant and catering situation in 14 key market sectors in each of the countries studied: 

Social Foodservice

  • workplace
  • education
  • healthcare
  • retirement homes
  • social venues
  • captive markets

Commercial Foodservice

  • table service restaurants
  • self service restaurants
  • QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) of all kinds
  • hotels and other types of lodging
  • on the ground transport catering
  • on-board catering
  • site catering

GIRA Foodservice covers the following countries (18) for this sector:

Austria France Netherlands Sweden
Belgium Germany Norway Switzerland
Czech Republic Hungary Poland United Kingdom
Denmark Ireland Portugal
Finland Italy Spain  

GIRA has also information on other countries of the European Union (Cyprus, Croatia, …).



GIRA Foodservice

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