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Distribution of Food & Beverages in Foodservice - Europe

During 2011, GIRA Foodservice conducted an extensive study on the Distribution of Food and Beverages in Foodservice, with a geographical coverage representative of the European Community (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, The United Kingdom).

This study was conducted with a twofold objective:

  • To highlight the issue "F&B Purchases in Foodservice" by product categories and by type of foodservice operator
  • To accurately describe the distribution channels for each product category (grocery, fresh/chilled, frozen, beverages) and to identify the key players in distribution by product families.

GIRA Foodservice wishes to share the results of this research with companies present on the Foodservice market in Europe, whether these are food or non-food manufacturers, beverage suppliers, European distributors or organizations with an ambition to expand their geographical presence.

The 9 countries analyzed represent a significant market potential:

  • a population of 360 million inhabitants in 2011, representing about 71% of the total population of the EU and Switzerland
  • a Foodservice activity representing a turnover of 296 billion € exclusive tax 
    • Over 60 billion € in social foodservice and 235 billion € in commercial foodservice
    • 90 billion € generated by structured operators (contract caterers + chain operators) and over 205 billion € from independent operators
  • 125 billion € exclusive tax of foodservice purchases 
    • almost 85 billion € of staple products (24% groceries + 51% fresh/chilled products + 25% frozen food)
    • over 40 billion € of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
    • and essentially a comprehensive listing of 412 main Foodservice distributors, for each GIRA Foodservice provides a detailed profile with a description of their activity:
      • 98 Full Line Wholesalers
      • 17 Wholesalers specialized in Grocery Products
      • 64 Wholesalers specialized in fresh/chilled products
      • 46 Wholesalers specialized in frozen food
      • 95 Beverage Wholesalers
      • 61 Cash & Carry operators
      • 31 Logistic Providers

The dept of this report should help manufacturers and distributors to increase their activity within the European Foodservice market thanks to a detailed knowledge of the structure of foodservice markets together with a thorough understanding of distribution supply.

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